Water Damage

Say Goodbye to Water Damage

Get reliable water damage restoration services in Wilmington, NC

Need water damage restoration because a burst pipe or violent storm flooded part of your property? Turn to the pros from Myers Restoration Group, LLC for efficient water damage remodeling services. We can fix any damage and make your home or business look new again.

To learn more about our water damage restoration services in Wilmington, NC, schedule a consultation today.

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Know the signs of water damage

How do you know your home or business has water damage? You can look for the following warning signs that you need water damage restoration services ASAP:

  • Finding peeling paint or wallpaper
  • Feeling unusual humidity in your home
  • Seeing puddles around your toilet or sink
  • Hearing running water when your sink is off
  • Noticing dark spots on your walls or ceilings

If you've noticed any of these signs in Wilmington, NC, call 910-540-5142 now to schedule water damage remodeling services.