Mold Remediation

Don't Let Mold Invade Your Home

Trust us to provide mold remediation services in Wilmington & Winston-Salem, NC

When mold infests your home, it harms your air quality and can cause a variety of health problems. Want to protect your family from dangerous mold? Reach out to the mold remediation experts from Myers Restoration Group Inc in Wilmington & Winston-Salem, NC. Our crew has over seven years of experience providing top-notch mold removal services.

We also provide mold remediation services for local business owners. If you find a hint of mold, call (910) 604-3984 ASAP for reliable removal services.

mold remediation services wilmington nc

3 benefits of hiring a pro for mold removal services

Wondering why you should hire a pro to provide mold remediation services in Wilmington or Winston-Salem, NC? For starters:

  1. We'll prevent future problems by targeting the mold's source
  2. We'll repair any damage the mold may have caused to your home
  3. We have the equipment needed to find and remove all the mold

You can count on us to remove all the mold on your property efficiently. To learn about our mold remediation process, contact a member of our staff today.